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31st year
the most famous terrarist event in the Czech Republic

We'll meet you on The 6th. November 2021 in:








Visit the most famous event around exotic animals and plants in the Czech Republic!

On ZIVA EXOTIKA you will find a lot of animals, plants and supplies for breeding and growing. Come next time and enjoy the meeting of the largest community of people interested not only in exotic animals. This and much more at the Ziva Exotika event!

Lots of animals, plants and supplies for breeders

On more than 300 tables you will find common and exotic animals, various plants, as well as breeding supplies

Various experts in one place

Among the vendors you will also find real experts and you can talk with them and share some experience

Professional veterinary counseling

At each event we have a veterinarian who will answer your questions and check your animals free of charge

Excellent food stall right in the pavilion

Hot dishes, cakes and drinks for visitors and vendors.
We’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

Wear face mask

Respect spacing

On-site disinfection

Anti-epidemiological measures

Download the non-infused certificate and bring the signed with you.

Which way are you going to get to us?

Top Hotel Prague

Blažimská 1781/4, 149 00 Prague 4-Chodov

Top Hotel Prague

Public transport

Buses run from Metro C Roztyly, Chodov, Opatov or Háje stations.

BUS 135, 136, 170, 213 to Choceradská station and on foot about 600 m.

BUS 115 right in front of the hotel – Station Mestsky archiv


There are several taxi services at your disposal. For example, AAA Taxi, Taxify, Liftago, Uber and more.


Click here to see the route.

Top Hotel Prague

Dates 2021

November 6th, 2021

Dates 2022

January 9th, 2022

2000 m²

exhibition areas




points of sale



Tickets online

Ticket prices when purchasing online.
Admission fee payseveryone from 16 to 65 years. Others free of charge.

6.50 €

When buying a ticket on site, you will pay 8 €. Priority ticket, with which you can enter from 9. hour. If you just need to pick something up quickly or are afraid that you will no longer be able to buy what you want, this is the perfect choice.


3.50 €

When buying a ticket on site, you will pay 4 €. Standard admission, which is bought by most visitors. With this ticket you can come from 10:00. hour. The perfect time to see everything in peace. So don’t hesitate and buy while they still are available!


2 €

You will pay the same on site for this ticket. Cheaper ticket for this price is available from 11th hour. The event usually lasts until 13:00, so there is still a possibility that you will find everything you wanted. However, we recommend that you come a little earlier.


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