The Meeting of the Friends of Nature ZIVA EXOTIKA

... is a right place, where you can to offer your animals and related goods

How to book a selling place?

1. Registration

  • If you are not a registered seller, please do it HERE.
  • The requirement to reserve a sales place without the seller’s prior registration cannot be accepted.

2. Booking

  • For booking, use “Wait List”
  • If the table will be released, we place the seller on this table by the order in which they signed up. However, we reserve the right to preferentially place foreign dealers, especially in the case of their interesting assortment.
  • Sometimes the seller for various reasons does not occupy his/her desk without canceling his/her participation in advance. So is possible that some tables will be released directly at the event.

3. How to pay?

  • Payment can be made in several ways:
    cashless to our bank account 9200000452/7940 or PayPal account
    cash in action, at least one action in advance
    For more details, refer to “Operating Regulations”

You are doing the ZIVA EXOTIKA

Yes, it is you, your offer, the quality of the offered animals and your friendliness to your customers.

These are the attributes that matter for the satisfaction of visitors and for their return at the event.

And we very thankful to all of you, who do this.

Price of Tables

Available two sizes of tables.
All tables are occupied usually.
For pre-booking go to "Wait List" please.

Small Table
80 x 80 cm
When paying on site: CZK 450,-
Wait List
Large Table
120 x 80 cm
When paying on site: CZK 590,-
Wait List