Address: Top Hotel Praha – Blažimská 1781/4, Praha 4


We select people to waitlist according to the offer regardless of the order in which they have signed up.

Therefore, those who have a more interesting offer will be preferred, especially if it is an assortment that is not very much for the event.

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We reserve the right to place foreign applicants as a priority.

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Příjmení / LastnameJméno / FirstnameTermín / DateStůl na 03.09.22 / Table for 03.09.22
Amblerová Jana 03.09.22
Baniulis Rokas 03.09.22
Benkovič Marina 03.09.22
Bílková Michaela 03.09.22
Faturová Katarína 03.09.22
Hrnčířová Petra 03.09.22
Pointner Simon 03.09.22
Pošarová Michaela 03.09.22
Sánchez escorihuela Sergio 03.09.22
Voglová Martina 03.09.22