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Next fair in pavilion of Krizik E
10.11. 2018

will start in


the most famous and largest teraristic fair in the Czech Republic.

To visit the ZIVA EXOTIKA

it's worth because you can find a huge amount of a variety of exotic animals and plants in one place.


Here are two specialists in the field of terraristics who can check the health of the purchased animals . They can to advise you also with breeding or with health problems of your pets.


Wheelchair access is possible by the entrance for the sellers. If you haven't an escort, our event services escort you into the pavilion and help you to find safely what you need.


is an obvious service for our visitors. Choice of hot dishes, desserts, and drinks prepared for you Restaurant Legerka.

Fairground Prag - Holesovice, Pavilion of Krizik ``E``

Opened for the public from 10:00 to 13:00

How to reach us?

Getting to our fair is very easy. It’s easily reachable by public transport or car. Parking is in the areal.


You can buy public transport tickets in some newspaper stands and in yellow ticket machines which you can find in public transport stations.

Public transport

By Metro to the station ``Nadrazi Holesovice`` and from there by Tram no. 6, 12 or 17 to last station ``Vystaviste Holesovice``. (Journey time 4 min.)


There are several taxis available. For example: AAA Taxi, Taxify, Liftago, Uber and more ...


GPS: 50.107745,14.430238

Parking in the areal of fair.

Price: 40 minutes free, whole day 200 Kč ~ 7.7 EUR.

Dates 2018

13. October 2018 – Pavilion of Krizik E
10. November 2018 – Pavilion of Krizik E
15. December 2018 – Pavilion of Krizik E

Dates 2019

12. 01. 2019 – Pavilion of Krizik B
16. 02. 2019 – Pavilion of Krizik B
02. 03. 2019 – Pavilion of Krizik B
13. 04. 2019 – Pavilion of Krizik B
04. 05. 2019 – Pavilion of Krizik B
22. 06. 2019 – Pavilion of Krizik E
21. 09. 2019 – Pavilion of Krizik E
12. 10. 2019 – Pavilion of Krizik E
16. 11. 2019 – Pavilion of Krizik E
07. 12. 2019– Pavilion of Krizik E

Event schedule

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The ticket are available on-line in our shop.

Buy Ticket
Regular ticket
Entry from 10 AM
Available on-line and at the event.
Age category from 16 to 65 years old.
Preferential tickets
Preferential entry from 9 am.
Necessary to buy in advance.
The amount of these tickets is limited


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